Our chalets, mobil-homes and furnished Bengali tents


Our seasonal rental of chalets and “Glamping” tents

At the Pré Morjal campsite in Lozère, we offer the following rental options:

  • nine furnished Bengali tents (for 5 people),
  • three Lodges (for 5 people),
  • four wooden chalets (for 2-3 people),
  • one mobil-home (for 4-7 people),
  • four large wooden chalets (for 4-6 people). It should be noted that one of these four large chalets is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

All our rentals, whether they are Bengali tents or wooden chalets, the following features in common:

  • peace and tranquillity,
  • comfort and well-being,
  • highest hygiene standards.


100% of our rentals are quiet, comfortable, and well-equipped

More information about our wooden chalets

Our wooden chalets are very warm. They are much more comfortable, welcoming, and friendly than classic mobile homes. Since they can be heated, they are available for renting all year round.

Our chalets have electricity, a kitchenette, toilet, and bathroom, a television, running hot and cold water, etc.

The small chalets have one outside deck; the large ones have two.

All our chalets are ideally situated in a comfortable, shady area, sheltered from any wind.


In 2019, we install POD !

Please contact us for further information about this.

More information about our mobil-homes

Our mobil-homes are confortable and fully equipped with heating wich allow them to be available for rent all year round.

Our mobil-homes have a kitchen, toilet and bathroom. A television and therefore obviously electricity but also running hot and cold water

They have a terrace. Ideally located, sheltered from a possible wind.

Plan of our mobil-homes


Our Pignes are 100% Lozérien wooden chalets. In an original and very cozy style, you will find inside, a large living space, with TV corner, meals and equipped kitchen. Then two bedrooms, a bathroom and toilet.

Sleeping up to 6 people, the Pignes are ideal for a stay with family or friends! Isolated, these are accessible year round.

Notre nouveauté 2019 : les Pignes !

More information about our Bengali tents &  Lodges

Our Bengali tents & Lodges are a happy compromise between the classic “camper’s tent” and the chalet.

The foundation under the tents is concrete, but the “walls” are still made of tent fabric. Our Bengali tents & Lodges are equipped with a kitchenette consisting of a hotplate and a refrigerator. Crockery is available.

The tents do not have running water, bathrooms, or toilets, but all these things are available nearby.

The Bengali tents have two bedrooms with “real” beds, wardrobes, and a patio. A set of garden furniture is also available.

The lodges are part of the new 2018, in a style combining the modern and the Spirit Safari, you will have 2 rooms accommodating 5 persons. A cold water point is available by Lodge.

Get close to nature, comfortably settled, with your tent already put up, so that you can relax into Glamping and take quietly advantage of your holiday in Lozère.

Find out more

You can find out more about the pricing for this accommodation, nestled in the heart of nature, on our “Pricing” page.

Please do not hesitate to submit any questions about our different types of accommodation or regarding any other matter relating to our campsite in Lozère. We will reply as soon as possible.